Cork in Décor: Panels and accessories!

Cork in Décor: Panels and accessories!

Cork panels can help you decorate your office or study corner in your room in a different way. Besides being cheap, the material is super cool and very, very practical. One of the simplest and most efficient options for using cork is to cover an entire wall and decorate it with posters, photos, planners…
In addition to bringing an extra texture to the environment, the material can be a great ally in the organization of the office, for example ?

Cork in Décor: Panels and accessories!

Photo: Maitland House / Kennedy Nolan via ArchDaily

Cork ends up just being the basis for a decoration with your face, but of course you can also abuse creativity depending on the way you cut the material. That way it is possible to create super cool designs like maps, balls, balloons and many other formats!
NOTE: there are pieces of this type ready, but if you like DIY you can create new shapes according to your preference!

In addition, for some time now, cork appears in the details of some unusual decorative objects. I have even made a post about kitchen utensils and table accessories with the material, however, cork can also appear in furniture, such as benches and tables:

More than that, the material brings even more charm to some decorative objects. Cachepots, clocks, lamps, boxes… It has everything!


There were many inspirations and of course I could not fail to make a selection of super special pieces with the material. I hope you like it ?
Cork in Décor: Panels and accessories!
1- Notebook at Americanas – R $ 25.99
2- Tokka Store Cork Map on Elo7 – R $ 139.90
3- Le Chics organizer at Elo7 – R $ 99.90
4- Wood Art BHZ watch on Elo7 – R $ 28.00
5- Set of Pots at Americanas – R $ 122.55
6- Tokka Store Cork Letters on Elo7 – R $ 22.00
7- Tray at Americanas – R $ 25.00
8- White Pot with Cork at Muma. – R $ 60.00
9- Cork Roll (90x60x5) at Americanas – R $ 49.90
10- Coffee Table With Tray Balcony Jatobá da Mão and Chisel in Americanas – R $ 431.90

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