Cork Touch Table Accessories
Cork touch table accessories

Cork Touch Table Accessories

The wave of minimalist design continues with everything in table accessories and kitchen utensils – and I can’t even complain. As you may have noticed in the videos and photos of recipes here on the website, I have been using more and more white dishes with some details that bring more personality.
I like finishes in wood, carrara marble, rose gold, gold … But lately a new trend has caught my attention: cork!

Photo: Jojotastic

That’s right, you did not misread. Details and finishes with this simple material make the pieces much more charming. Cork appears, obviously, in the lids of bottles, jars and pots, but also in teapots, cups and holders for glasses and pots.

Photo: Leibal

Photo: Yemek

Photo: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Photo: Designspiration

Photo: Mr. Slingshot via Pinterest

Anthropologie itself, one of my favorite stores in the world, has several options on the website. And tell me: how can you not fall in love ?!

Photo: Anthropologie

Photo: Anthropologie

Photo: Anthropologie


Here in Brazil it is still not easy to find legal options, but as the material can be easily found in stationery stores and construction stores, it is worth testing DIY projects, right? A coaster or pot rest can be made quickly ?
Now, if you are looking for ready-to-use pieces, I made a selection of 10 super-cute little products!

1- Amorim at Luxe 4 Home | R $ 99.90
2- Tyyli Home at Americanas | R $ 52.00
3- Viva Scandinavia on Spicy | R $ 59.90
4- Viva Scandinavia on Spicy | R $ 149.00
5- Amorim at Luxe 4 Home | R $ 229.00
6- Theodora Home | R $ 29.00
7- Viva Scandinavia on Spicy | R $ 99.90
8- Imaginarium | R $ 99.90
9- Luxe 4 Home at Walmart | R $ 49.90
10- Amorim at Luxe 4 Home | R $ 299.00

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