Corona crisis How to best deal with social isolation

Corona crisis How to best deal with social isolation

You should stay at home and not see anyone. If you follow the instructions of the experts and politicians, you run the risk of the famous ceiling falling on your head. However, the psychologist Ulrike Scheuermann has some tips in store on how to escape corona depression.

Schools close, bars, clubs, cinemas, restaurants closed in many areas. The clear instruction from all experts: If possible, just stay at home during the Corona crisis. But what do you do when the ceiling quickly falls on your head and after a few days you threaten to slide into a corona depression? In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the psychologist Ulrike Scheuermann has some tips in store. The bestselling author has 20 years of professional experience as a qualified psychologist, 10 of them in crisis relief.

Above in the video: Antibiotics, vaccinations and Co: You have to know that in the Corona crisis!

Many people now have to stay at home and feel isolated. How can we best deal with it?

Ulrike Scheuermann: We can feel connected even if we are not in direct contact with one another. The fact that we now have to withdraw is also an opportunity to become aware that we are a community. Stay in virtual contact. Call someone in the morning and arrange to meet on the phone at fixed times during the day. Many now also contact people they have not heard from in a long time. Set up messenger groups with family or friends.

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An important life skill is to accept that it is what it is when we cannot change something. But we are not helpless. We can now behave sensibly and trust the professionals. Find out about Corona only on news portals with carefully journalistically researched information. What I am currently seeing partially on social media is absurd.

A virologist tries to take away the fear of the coronavirus!



Virologist explains: “I advise calm vigilance”

How bad is it going to be? The renowned virologist Professor Hendrik Streeck emphasizes: Panic is not appropriate!

How can we support each other?

Scheuermann: A note has been hanging on my front door since yesterday: “Dear neighbors, I would be happy to bring you something from shopping, just give me a call.” Or a friend of mine now shares childcare with her sister. Other friends of mine do not insist that the small guesthouse they wanted to spend the weekend in reimburse the money: “The 150 euros won’t kill us, but it can be difficult for the operators if all holidaymakers cancel now.”

Alone can lead to depressive moods, what can we say?

Scheuermann: A client was telling me on the phone that she is now tidying up her cupboards, a friend is going to the forest in the fine weather, which he has not been able to do for a long time. It’s the time to get things done. The Italians sing together on their balconies. You write. Letters, emails, goals, to-do lists, maybe even a book, something you’ve always wanted to do.

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