Corona kilos before summer vacation: expert tips for effective weight loss

Corona kilos before summer vacation: expert tips for effective weight loss

In the corona isolation, many people have accumulated many extra pounds. Time to clean up your body before the summer vacation comes. An expert has the most important fitness and health tips ready.

A lack of exercise and frustration during the Corona exit restrictions have caused excess pounds for many people. A thorough cleaning of the body can melt the extra pounds. In addition, internal cleansing, i.e. detoxification of the body, leads to a healthy balance and greater wellbeing. And last but not least, before the approaching summer vacation – at least within Germany – one or the other still wants to work on the beach figure.

Combination of strength and endurance training

Sport should not be missing in a thorough cleansing in the body. “In my opinion, strength training is the be-all and end-all”, explains Valentin Szymanski, Bremen studio manager of the FitOne fitness chain, in an interview. “Strength training leads to the development of new muscles and the maintenance of muscle mass. I recommend training in the area of ​​muscle hypertrophy, which corresponds to around eight to fifteen repetitions.” You should supplement your strength training with a few endurance units. Because “a good combination of strength and endurance training strengthens the cardiovascular system and improves insulin sensitivity,” says Szymanski.

If you want to lose weight effectively, you should do about three training units per week. Szymanski recommends “especially the basic exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench presses and pull-ups. These control numerous auxiliary and large muscles, which leads to an increased consumption of calories.”

Visit to the sauna

Szymanski also notes that in addition to regular fitness sessions, it is also advisable to “get enough sleep and drink enough water”. A visit to the sauna can – as soon as the visit is allowed again – improve the complexion and strengthen the immune system and the cardiovascular system. “Sweat ensures that the body is cooled and not overheated. In addition, sweating helps to remove toxins from the body.”

Those who usually avoid the sauna because the circulation cannot survive the heat can practice taking a sauna. “The body has to get used to the intense heat first, so you should start with short saunas,” emphasizes the FitOne expert.

Detoxify with Detox

So that the inside of the body is also cleaned, one should rely on detox cures. The worry for new energy and detoxify the body. Above all, you should avoid foods that contain colorings or preservatives. Meat, sugar, dairy and white flour products do not belong on the menu.

Instead, organically grown fruit and vegetables are served on the plate. The advantage: Vegetables such as spinach, zucchini, broccoli and celery are not only healthy, they also regulate the acid-base balance. When cooking, you should avoid using large amounts of salt. All other spices are allowed. By the way, chili, ginger and fresh wild garlic are ideal for balanced detox recipes.

Drink a lot and incorporate lemon

Drinking a lot is essential when it comes to detoxing. What is better than homemade detox teas? A hot infusion with fresh nettles can work wonders. Dandelion root and lemon also provide plenty of vitamins. If you have had enough of warm drinks, you can also add lemon to chilled mineral water.

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