Corona kilos Five tips against your weaker self

Corona kilos Five tips against your weaker self

During the Corona Isolation, many people gained a few pounds. To get rid of the excess pounds, your weaker self must be defeated. With these five tips, anyone who doesn’t like sports can get into their running shoes.

The fitness studios were closed and the bag of chips was within reach: Corona isolation has left its mark on many. The trained stomach has given way to a feel-good tummy and the motivation for push-ups and co. Has not been reported since the lockdown. But now summer is just around the corner and the perfect bikini figure is needed. This is how those who don’t like sports make it from the couch to the exercise mat.

Think about a personal reason

Before you begin training, you should come up with a reason for this. A: “Because exercise is healthy” is not enough. At the end of the day, the health aspect hardly gets anyone off the couch and into the gym. Personal reasons such as: “I want to do a marathon” or “I want to fit into my favorite jeans again” are real drivers. This creates willpower, gets you up and stays with it.

Favorite music for more power

To keep the mood high during the workout, simply turn on your favorite songs. Music arouses emotions and can influence the tempo. According to experts, a fast beat drives us. The reason: the fast rhythm leads to fast reactions of the body. For example, put in hip-hop and run up to unexpected top performances.

Together against the bastard

The bastard is a mean opponent. Therefore you should look for a comrade to defeat him together. If your own motivation is in the basement, the other can encourage you to continue. It is best to make a fixed appointment during the week. This increases the inhibition threshold to skip the joint training spontaneously. Another advantage: You encourage each other. A little competition can increase performance. You have already achieved your goals faster than expected.

Always something new

Always the same exercises? Boredom quickly arises. Therefore, always ensure variety in the training plan or try out a new sport. How about, for example, yoga or Pilates alongside strength training? The body is faced with new challenges and you stay on the ball.

Realize the benefits

Even if sport is strenuous, it is healthy and has positive effects on the body. And it is precisely these advantages that you have to keep in mind. Maybe the back pain has gone or the posture has improved? One should be aware of these small effects. Another tip: After the first few weeks of training, stand in front of the mirror – visualize the physical changes. There is already another reason to pull off the workout.

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