Cosmetics you can’t miss in your bag

Cosmetics you can't miss in your bag

Before traveling it is always very important to think about some products that may be missed at your final destination. In addition to shampoos, conditioners and moisturizers for face and body (which vary from person to person), some other cosmetics can greatly facilitate your beauty routine on trips, see? In order not to have to run after them when I arrive at the hotel, I already have some great items in my travel case.

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To avoid inconvenient leaks in the suitcase, it is essential to place a film paper to protect the liquid and creamy products. The tip is simple and cheap: before screwing the lid on the packaging, put a piece of film paper; this extra protection helps to seal the product ? In addition, I always put the products in a necessaire or flask, because even if my clothes leak they are intact!

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Now let’s talk about practical and essential items on my travels?



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Never forget this product! I do not give up the face shield even when I spend all day at home, imagine on trips where I spend a lot of time under the sun? I know that, just like Paulo and I, most people prefer to walk on foot to get to know the destination city even more and for that reason we cannot fail to pass a layer of protector before leaving the hotel.
Many people end up relating this item to trips to the beach, but don’t forget that even in the snow you need to be very protected from the sun. In fact, in the snow it is essential to have a generous layer of the product, because the sun’s rays end up reflecting on the white snow, you know?
To make it easier, I always take moisturizers that already have sun protection. In addition, you can also choose bases that already have a higher sun protection factor ? Two-in-one products are always welcome when traveling, as they help to save space in luggage!

Dry shampoo


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For those who want to save time at the destination, dry shampoos are excellent options – especially if you have more oily hair like mine. As it is not good to wash your hair every day it is always good to have an alternative in the suitcase. In addition to saving time washing and drying my hair, the dry shampoo has saved my bangs several times.
For those with very smooth and fine yarns, they also work as texturizers. If you want to make a ponytail or a more voluminous bun, bet on the product at the root, the effect is incredible!

Heel protector


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Although I always wear the most comfortable shoes when traveling, I never leave my heel protector behind. By walking a lot, sometimes even your favorite sneakers start to bother you. About two years ago I discovered a little band-aid product that always saves me – I even made a post here on the blog ?
Today, in addition to callus gels, it is possible to find very similar products in Brazil!

Makeup wipes


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No use, tiredness after an intense day of sightseeing is inevitable! So that I don’t forget to take off my makeup before bed, I always carry a good supply of makeup wipes. I end up wearing more makeup than most people because I record vlogs and I like to have at least a good concealer, mascara and eyeliner.
Without this minimal care, in addition to waking up in the greatest “panda” style the next day, my skin would suffer a lot during the trip. Always better to be safe than sorry, right?

Perfume stick


Picture – anthropology

It may sound silly, but these compact perfumes are indispensable on my trip! I love taking the product in the bag to pass it through during the day and that’s why I always have one of these with me. Also, have you ever imagined your favorite perfume bottle breaking at the hotel? Or leak in the suitcase? Only we know the price of this little product, don’t we?

Where to buy?


  1. Dermage and Sephora | R $ 94.00
  2. Le Stafford at The Beauty Box | R $ 29.90
  3. Keep Movin ‘at Americanas | R $ 33.99
  4. Neutrogena at Zattini | R $ 22.90
  5. Marc Jacobs at Sephora | R $ 85.00

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