Coturnos: the wildcard of your winter!

Coturnos: the wildcard of your winter!

Winter arrives and all we want is comfortable, warm and super stylish looks. I don’t know about you, but I’m the one who needs to keep the extremities of the body always very well protected and that’s why the booties don’t leave my feet at this time of year.
However, there is a shoe that I am loving more and more: the boots. I had used this model a lot in my teenage and punk / rock youth, but isn’t it that the boots work on several occasions?

Coturnos: the wildcard of your winter!

Look 1 | Look 2

In addition to the numerous versions of colorful models and with multiple textures, you can compose super interesting looks of the most diverse styles. In the photos above you can see the versatility! I decided to show you some ways to use the piece and I’m sure some of them will suit you ?


I couldn’t start with more casual inspirations, after all, productions in this style more comfortable are my face. The boots work very well with that basic classic jeans + shirt, right?
I confess that I prefer the combinations with tighter pants to use inside the boot, but still there are plenty of alternatives with pantacourt and even midi skirts.


Certainly the punk rock movement has greatly influenced the use of footwear in the past decades – I myself was one of those young women who loved the style. You can’t deny that leather and leather boots are still super welcome, right? Bet on looks with leather, striking plaid print and third overzided pieces that sure work!
For a heavier look, it is legal to invest in models with applications, tractor soles and even buckles. The more information, the better for that look!


From one end to the other! For those who thought that boots were working in black and heavy looks, this is proof that even those who have a more feminine style can invest in the piece. I love to mix shoes with a more masculine footprint in lighter productions – I think the counterpoint makes everything more interesting.
The combinations with dresses and skirts more fluid is always a good bet! The lighter models in nude and beige can be great options, as well as the boots with higher and thicker heels.


Even having already talked about the heavy looks with leather, I thought it was worth mentioning that the piece is a great option for productions with a sexy footprint and can even be used in ballads / parties.
The tip is to combine the heavy boots with shorter pieces (dresses, skirts and shorts). In the winter, you can still use and abuse different socks like the fishnet models.


Coturnos: the wildcard of your winter!

Photos: Vvivieen via Pinterest and The Fashion Medley

How about taking a break from that minimalist chic look with heavier shoes? I think this is the most difficult way to use, after all, the styles are quite different. However, a good pencil skirt or more basic tailoring pants can, yes, compose an incredible production!


Let’s agree that it is not difficult to find beautiful models of boots, right? I made a very eclectic selection of 10 options and I confess that I want them all!
Coturnos: the wildcard of your winter!
1- Bottero’s Leather Boot at Zattini – R $ 141.99
2- Oxford New Box Wine Shoes from Inbox at Steal the Look Shop – R $ 169.90
3- Moleca Pearl Buckle Boots at Zattini – R $ 119.90
4- AMARO Tractor Boots – R $ 299.90
5- Zattini Via Marte Coturno Boot – R $ 139.90
6- Barth Shoes Bordeaux Gothic Boot at Dafiti – R $ 199.90
7- Leather Boot from Cravo & Canela at Zattini – R $ 249.99
8- Santa Lolla Black Leather Boot with Buckles at Dafiti – R $ 419.99
9- Cravo & Canela Cano Cano na Zattini – R $ 239.99
10- Chiquiteira Tractada Short Pipe Boots in Dafiti – R $ 79.40

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