Cough & runny nose With this strange tip you will get rid of your cold overnight!

Cough & runny nose With this strange tip you will get rid of your cold overnight!

Just before the vacation or the great party is a cold coming? In such a case, these SOS measures help.

A fat head, hardly any hunger and a constantly runny nose: It doesn’t have to be flu, a cold is enough to make life difficult for you. Who wants to go out sick, sit in the cinema coughing or go to an important business meeting with a headache?

Above in the video: How to strengthen your defenses in autumn!

If the first signs of a cold become noticeable, you should act quickly:

Measure number 1: Drink plenty of fluids

Drink, drink, drink! Your system needs a lot of water to adequately moisten the mucous membranes, especially with dry heating air. This makes it easier for them to detach and for viruses and bacteria to be fended off more easily.


These 7 things happen when you don’t drink enough

Do you drink your two liters a day? If not, it is high time you do, otherwise you will harm yourself and your body in seven ways.

It should be around two liters a day. Still water or herbal teas with honey, which you choose based on your symptoms. Thyme tea relieves coughs, sage tea sore throats and ginger tea strengthens the immune system and warms from the inside.

Measure number 2: Eat vitamins and minerals

In order for your body to fight the common cold, it needs lots of vitamin C and minerals. You deliver them to him with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. However, eating high concentrations of vitamin C tablets hardly helps because your body simply excretes excess vitamin C and does not store it. So it makes more sense to eat balanced food throughout the day.

Homemade chicken soup also works wonders, because viruses usually don’t like heat. Ingredients such as onions, potatoes, carrots, celery and parsley also have anti-inflammatory effects, while the chicken provides valuable nutrients.

Homemade chicken soup is not only delicious, but also incredibly healthy.

Recipe tip
Healthy and tasty: chicken soup

Chicken soup is only available if you have a bad cold? What a pity! Because this recipe proves that the classic dish is anything but boring.

Measure number 3: wet socks

This tip sounds strange, but it works. Because wearing wet socks while sleeping stimulates the natural physiology of the body. Because the blood flows through the cool socks into the feet to warm them. This circulation removes toxins from the nose and throat. For the effect to occur, you should first warm your feet and then put on your socks. To prevent the bed from getting damp, simply put a dry pair of socks or a bag over the damp socks. The next morning you will feel fitter.

Measure number 4: take a hot bath

If you don’t have a fever, a hot cold bath can be the rescue. It relaxes the muscles and stimulates blood circulation. This means that the circulation gets going, the body temperature increases due to the warm water. Both are good for combating the common cold. Essential oils from thyme or mountain pine also make the mucous membranes swell.

Measure number 5: go for a walk

Rest and getting enough sleep are important when you have a cold. But that doesn’t mean you have to groom yourself in bed for days. Instead, the right combination of relaxation and light exercise is critical to a speedy recovery. So if you haven’t caught the severe flu, ventilate outdoors for half an hour. This is how you gently get your circulation going.

Measure number 6: Sleep a lot

Give yourself plenty of rest when a cold is approaching. That means: go to bed early or doze comfortably on the couch (and drink a lot!). Your body is busy defending itself against viruses, you don’t have to push it to other top performances now.

The body language while walking reveals how your relationship is going.

Arm-in-arm? This is what your walk says about you

Newly in love or long-term, you just can’t keep your hands off each other. This of course also applies to the romantic Sunday stroll. But watch out! Whether cuddled arm in arm, loosely holding hands or with a safe distance – the way you stroll through life together provides insights into your relationship.

Don’t forget to ventilate your apartment well again and again. As I said, the negative effects of dry heating air should not be underestimated.

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