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Food is not just to eat with your eyes, is it? When assembling an elegant dish, some care must be taken to attract more senses to the tasting. Flavors, colors, textures, aromas, height … A good finish, simple to make, full of attractions and nutrients is to make a good Coulis. You don’t need expensive equipment or spend a lot on ingredients. A few minutes and you will already have magnificent results.
Coulis is a type of fruit or vegetable puree, used in both savory and sweet cuisine. This basic preparation has several functions and can be obtained in several ways and certainly some of them you already use.
Ways of obtaining
Firm vegetables need to be cooked beforehand – steaming is best, since the loss of properties is less. After cooking, just process adding a liquid of your choice and then sifting to obtain a fluid texture, then a vegetable coulis is ready for your savory dish.
This is a time-consuming way of cooking, but there is an advantage when planning. One tip is to take the time to make diced vegetables, steamed and frozen. So, when making a lunch or dinner, this step is already taken and everything is much more practical. Many companies already sell vegetables this way, so when it comes to use, just choose, make a coulis or sauté with butter (or olive oil, in a vegan option) and garnish your preparation. a carrot coulis it has color and flavor that make all the difference. Both carrots and squash have a nutrient called beta-carotene (to know a little more about it click here).
For those vegetables and fruits that can be eaten raw it is simpler: just process and sieve, but remember that it is necessary to redouble the care with sanitation. Although handled raw, using mixer, blender or other processors, some are still later or previously cooked to obtain different textures. a tomato coulis is the basis for various sauces and, in the desserts, a red fruit coulis can either be used as a topping or as a flavor base for fillings and toppings.
In the case of a fruit coulis, a syrup of water with sugar or just water, or even a mix of fruits can be added. Hence the imagination of each one.
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Coulis Functions
It can aim to accompany preparations, or as has already been said, to be part of a preparation. Coulis is used as a base for broths, creams, soups and sauces, in which it works as a thickener. Another function of coulis is to give color naturally, without using industrialized dyes.
It is always good to have fresh seasonal fruits to make the most diverse coulis with more affordable prices, here is another tip: at each time of the year, you can buy the best fruits and make your frozen stock of strawberries, diced mango, diced kiwi fruit, passion fruit (if you prefer already sifted) among many others. A great function of an acid fruit coulis is a little secret, in this case it was, because I will deliver it here. When savoring a preparation with lipids, like a panna cotta (sour cream), a cheesecake (creamcheese), a delicatessen (coconut milk), milk-based ice cream (milk and egg yolks), we always have a tastier first spoonful than the following and this is because the taste buds are gradually becoming sealed. The acidic action of the coulis, in turn, will not allow this to happen and in this way it “maintains” the flavor “.
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