Coziness and Style in Décor

Coziness and Style in Décor

There is nothing that makes more difference in decoration than the choice of coverings. No matter which room we’re talking about, the tiles and floors totally change our perception of the environment, right? And if there is one thing I like, it is finished with a retro touch. Worn bricks, wooden blocks, walls with that unfinished air …

Coziness and Style in Décor

Photo: Homer Home

And if there is a floor that brings me that feeling of nostalgia and well-being, it is terracotta. Who knew that a little molded clay still wet and dry with fire would yield such a wonderful material? Yes, terracotta ceramic tiles are produced using a super simple technique.
In addition to loving the aesthetics, this type of flooring is all about outdoor areas and environments with a more rustic feel. As the farm will still take time to be ready, why not be inspired by environments in this style?


Coziness and Style in Décor

Photo: Casa Bonita

As I said, this type of piece is all about balconies and balconies. No ceramic plate will be the same as another and it is precisely this variation of tone that makes the environment so charming. The rustic texture is non-slip and perfect for areas with a pool or even ramps.


Coziness and Style in Décor

Photo: Luxury Retreats

Can you think of a bathroom with a more expensive farm and country house than this one? Simple, cozy, tasty … The floor certainly made all the difference and brought that light touch of color to the decor. The best? That reddish tone will never go out of style!


Coziness and Style in Décor

Photo: Remodelista

Is it grandma’s kitchen that speaks? The rustic floor automatically brings that welcoming feeling into the home. To get a little out of the obvious, it is worth investing in hexagonal coatings ?
So, do you also enjoy rustic and timeless coatings like this? For me, the more expensive the country house, the better!

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