Cozy House in Winter

Cozy House in Winter

It is impossible to deny that winter is the time of year that we most like to enjoy the house. That laziness to leave the covers early or the desire to exchange that dinner in the restaurant for a movie on the sofa is really irresistible, right? I, who love decorating, go even further this season and like to “dress the house” for the winter.
I’m not talking about major changes or renovations (obviously), but I’m sure that some details make the space much more welcoming! And if you are one of mine who loves a cozy home, this post will help you transform the decor with little ?


Rugs, blankets, chair covers, cushions, stools … There are plenty of plush items to warm up every corner of the house! The easiest to find and use are the smaller items, such as pillows and the famous fake fur hides – you can even post it here on the site.
The stools and rugs are bigger pieces, but they can still make up the decoration all year round, right? I’m sure they will make the space much more comfortable!


Who can resist a super-warm maxi knit blanket? I just love this kind of garment that just looks comfortable already! Knitting and crochet certainly bring this footprint comfortable instantly for decoration.
Once again, blankets and cushions are the easiest pieces to insert into the environment without weighing them down, but a small, more structured puff also works in different spaces.


Cozy House in Winter

Photos: Muji and Rose City Style Guide

Here in Brazil, winter is very dry and that’s why I think it is essential to have at least one humidifier in the room – especially if you use a heater that removes even more humidity from the environment.
Currently, it is easy to find parts with multiple functions, that is, your humidifier can work as a diffuser or even as a flashlight ?


Cozy House in Winter

Photo: Sommarbacka

It was just talking about a flashlight that I already remembered the indirect lighting that, regardless of the time of year, makes the house much more cozy. Yellow lights on pendants, sconces and lamps make all the difference!
Also, bet on the candles at that time, because in addition to making the environment more comfortable, they still give that basic heating in space.


Did you see how there are plenty of cute and comfortable decoration objects to invest in this season? I made a selection of 10 items with the face of winter to buy now!
Cozy House in Winter
1- Wood and Glass Pendant in Wood Color at Walmart – R $ 176.13
2- Low Bank Peluxo at Tok & Stok – R $ 222.90
3- Super Touch Rug (2x3m) in Riachuelo – R $ 399.90
4- Cushion cover by Rosa Rosa from Decor Além on Link 7- R $ 48.00
5- Imaginarium aromatizer and humidifier – R $ 329.90
6- Round Crochet Bench at Mobly – R $ 385.69
7- Couple blanket from Ateliê Knot Brasil at Elo7 – R $ 420.00
8- Manta Pelego Branco Sofas / chairs (100X80cm) at La Caza Store at Elo7 – R $ 109.00
9- White Lantern Buds at Americanas – R $ 121.90
10- Aida cushion at Oppa Design – R $ 179.91

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