Cozy in the Bedroom: Incredible Headboard Ideas!

Cozy in the Bedroom: Incredible Headboard Ideas!

No matter what your preferred decorating style is, a room must always have that cozy touch. As the bed is an indispensable element in this environment of the house, there is nothing more fair than betting on a complement to the height that brings a feeling of comfort and warmth: the headboard!
With the most common use of box style beds that have no structure, loose and custom-made headboards have gained space. It was precisely thinking about it and different ways to customize the room decor that I selected some good headboard ideas ?

Upholstered headboards

The upholstered models are the most classic and comfortable, no use denying! The capitonê / buttonholes covered in velvet are super traditional, but they can gain a contemporary touch depending on the colors used – the rose and the light blue give a modernized look, right?
Still, you can innovate in the upholstered headboard! Models covered in leather, for example, bring a more cool for the décor and are excellent alternatives for a space with an industrial footprint. The deconstructed design is also a great option to bring a touch of modernity to the room, see? The pillows fixed on the wall are incredible!


The wall itself can serve as a structure for the masonry headboard! The models are not as comfortable as the cushions, but they have other advantages. The biggest one, in my view, is the possibility of storing items and pieces in niches, as in the second photo.
This type of model is also great for those who enjoy a more minimalist decor, you know? The result is an instantly more sophisticated space.


Madeira is synonymous with warmth and of course there is no shortage of ideas with the material to be inspired. Slatted panels, demolition wooden boards, mobile structures and even real sculptures can “hug” the bed and make the environment much more interesting!


Screens, shutters, irregular signs, unusual paintings, thousand coatings… There are really many interesting options when it comes to headboards! Investing in a different piece of furniture is a great way to bring personality to the room even if it is small.
The space on top of the bed is often overlooked and becomes embarrassed when, in fact, it can become the major focus of decorating the room!
Now there is no shortage of incredible ideas to transform the room! So, do you already have your favorite model?

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