Cravings This is how you stick to the low-carb diet without craving for sweets

Cravings This is how you stick to the low-carb diet without craving for sweets

Low-carb diets are efficient and, in principle, easy to implement, if it weren’t for the constant cravings for carbohydrates. But you can get rid of the irrepressible desire for sweets!

“Eat me”, the pasta screams loudly and the white bread joins in in happy unison, the gummy bears in the cupboard applaud when the ice cream joins in as the second voice: Carbohydrate cravings are natural. After all, there are important, easy-to-use energy suppliers. Our body’s favorite food, because with carbohydrates it doesn’t have to do much work and gets energy quickly.

Our bodies develop a real carbohydrate addiction for sugar, white flour and other readily available carbohydrates. The more we eat of it, the more our body craves it. A vicious circle from which it is difficult to escape. This is why low-carb diets are so difficult, especially in the beginning. The solution to the problem is obvious.

Low carb does not mean NO carb!

Every low-carb diet reduces the amount of carbohydrates in our diet. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat carbohydrates at all. There are strict models that provide for fewer than 30 grams of carbohydrates per day. But it doesn’t have to be to lose weight. Successful diet concepts such as the Glyx diet or the LOGI method rely on a reduced amount of carbohydrates and above all: the right carbohydrates. Because our body needs a few carbohydrates.

You can remove everything from white flour and refined sugar from the menu. Instead of white bread, you will now eat wholemeal bread. That has a lot of fiber. It makes you full longer and does not lead to carbohydrate addiction. A small portion of whole wheat pasta or brown rice with turkey and vegetables are perfectly fine, even on a low-carb diet. As a rule of thumb, the following applies in the truest sense of the word: the portion of carbohydrates can be about the size of your fist.


Carb Counting
Instead of counting calories: From now on we will count carbohydrates and thus lose weight!

No more calorie counting, because now it’s time to carb counting. So what is that? In carb counting, carbohydrates are counted instead of calories. With this method you can lose weight comfortably and in the long term – without the yo-yo effect! We’ll tell you how it works.

This is how you trick the cravings

Losing weight is a matter of head and body alike. With a few tricks, you prevent hunger attacks and hold out better:

  • Drinking instead of eating: You cannot suppress a real stomach growl for long with water. But often we confuse hunger with thirst. When cravings overwhelms you, have a large glass of water first. Often the hunger is blown away because in reality you just lacked water.

  • Eating the right fats: Fat has many calories and should therefore only appear in manageable amounts in our diet. Good and healthy fat from avocados, almonds or peanuts will fill you up quickly and, above all, for a long time. A spoonful of peanut butter has overcome many a food cravings attack.

  • Write down goals: Some of you may still remember from your school days: What you wrote down by hand (!) Will stay in your memory longer. This is because handwriting is perceived differently in the brain via the visual cortex. So write down things like, “I don’t eat white bread” or “I don’t eat sugar” with your hand.

  • Seeking other rewards: The reward center in the brain still functions as it did in the Stone Age. It rewards us for good actions. In the Stone Age, food was vital. This is why the brain releases the happiness hormone dopamine when we make carbohydrates and fat available to the body. In today’s world of oversupply, the brain should better sound the alarm, but it doesn’t. Because we love to feel happiness hormones, we should look for other sources: Exercise, sleep, cuddling or sex are good alternatives that are guaranteed not to make you fat.

If these tricks don’t help you enough, try a slightly gentler diet method: Only eat reduced carbohydrates and calories every other day. On the other days, you can eat carbohydrates, but still pay attention to the calories. So you lose weight more slowly, but sustainably.

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