Creative food or kits for “molecular gastronomy”

Creative food or kits for "molecular gastronomy"

Imagine your kitchen counter divided between mixers, fouets, pipettes and syringes. “Hi?!” So, transforming everyday dishes into edible creative and unusual works is no longer so difficult. The novelty is the Molecular Gastronomy kit, developed by the most WTF brand I have ever seen. Seriously, take a look at their website here and draw your own conclusions, because if I try to explain their style it will be difficult.
I just wanted to live in the UK so I could always buy since unfortunately the products are all in pounds ? For you to have an idea, they sell packages of space food flavored chocolate cookies with mint, hammer shaped chocolates, screwdrivers and there it goes. It’s one pyre after another and I haven’t even told you about non-edible products yet, but it’s better to leave that for a next post. Time to cook!
There are three options in the mini molecular gastronomy kit: Avant-garde Spaghetti, The Flavored Pearl it’s the Flavored Foam. The first works on the basis of the gelling power of agar-agar and transforms any liquid into thin strips like spaghetti pasta. In the image, you can see that they made the “caprese” appetizer, made with cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella; to complete the characteristic flavor, the pesto sauce was completely firmed!
The Flavored Pearl kit consists of a dropper that turns any liquid into mini balls, all from soy lecithin. It is the chemistry showing that you can have fun in the right dose; D
Flavored Foam, on the other hand, transforms liquids into a foam from a soy extract. What about?
For those who want to venture into this game, just click here to learn more about the kits. Oh, everyone is “vegan friendly”, see?
On the other hand, if that thirst hit and the glass with water seems too dull, there is also the molecular mixologist kit to transform your favorite drinks into ultra contemporary drinks:
And if you want to dive into the subject of Molecular Gastronomy, read this very complete post. Liked?
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