Creative tea

Creative tea

The cold is there and, more than fair, it’s time to add the thermal protection kit: blankets, slippers, scarves and… tea, of course. Grab your favorite cup, yummy tea and be happy! We give you a tip, too. What do you think of a touch of creativity in this whole production?
Choose a different infuser and make the winter more cheerful. Look at these models:
“We all live in a yellow submarine! Yellow submarine, yellow submarine… ” For Beatles fans, this one is perfect. You do not need to say another word.

For the more technological and futuristic, a little robot floating in tea is almost normal, right? I loved this one, it looks like a mini-version of Wall-e:

Now, if you’re not in the mood for cuteness, I suggest this one. With red fruit herbs it looks like a shark attack in your tea. You can serve a visit, too. Can you imagine your great-aunt’s face when you arrive with a cup like that? It will yield a good laugh!
Did you choose yours? They are great for gifting someone, and they are all for sale on the Amazon website.
Yellow Submarine:

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