Creme Delícia: the Brazilian version of icing cream!
Creme delicia the brazilian version of icing cream

Creme Delícia: the Brazilian version of icing cream!

Base for delicious fillings and pavées and super easy to make, our delicious cream has already become a classic. The appearance of the preparation, yellowish and super creamy, resembles the traditional Confectioner Cream. The recipe is even very similar, but we can say that this is a Brazilian version of French crème patissière.
This is because it is made with an extra super special element: the
condensed milk! The most loved ingredient in Brazil is the base of the delicious cream, which ends up taking less egg yolks and gains more sweetness.
Just like icing cream, the perfect point of this recipe is the
napé – reached as soon as the cream thickens. And now you must be wondering: but how do I know if it’s thick enough?
It’s simple. As soon as the cream comes to a boil, count for a minute and stir constantly. Turn off the heat and spoon the cream. On the bottom of this utensil, make a path with your finger. If the edges remain intact, it is because the stitch is perfect!
Now, let’s go to a list with 7 incredible recipes and they take the delicious cream. It has from the most elaborate to the simplest, so just choose ?


One of the first recipes we prepared with the delicious cream was this super easy to make strawberry pate. If served very cold, it is the perfect dessert for hot days.
Complete recipe


Anyone who wants to test their skills in confectionery can now save this wonder on their cell phone or in that recipe book. The delicious cream is the basis for one of the filling layers of this white gold cake, which is that recipe for the whole family!
Complete recipe


A bakery classic could not be left out of our list! To fill this fluffy and full of flavored bread, nothing better than our mega special cream.
Complete recipe
delicious cream


Another pave, but this time to let the condensed milk shine even more! In addition to the delicious cream, the secret of this dessert is the layer of whipped cream that brings an even greater creaminess to the candy.
Complete recipe


Another refreshing recipe with strawberries! In this version, the cream and fruit are accompanied by a super creamy pie base, in addition to a delicious strawberry jam.
Complete recipe

Waltz dream pave

If you have a recipe with white gold, you must have a waltz dream version too! Here, the cream is one of the layers of this divine dessert, super creamy and with crunchy chocolate.
Complete recipe
Pave Dreaming Waltz

Paçoca volcano cake

Paçoca is another national passion, so in this version we decided to increase our delicious cream with the ingredient. To know how good this cake is, just making it at home ?
Complete recipe

Did you like the recipes and this delicious version of cream? As you can see, this is a super versatile recipe, that’s why we like it so much here ?

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