Croatia: Europe not at all obvious

Croatia: Europe not at all obvious

When we think of Europe, Eastern Europe almost never comes to mind, right? We immediately think of Paris, London, Rome… But anyone who thinks that Western Europe is always the best option is wrongdog. Croatia, for example, is the 25th most visited country in the world and has incredible places!

Photo – Dubrovnik (500 px)

Croatia goes far beyond the capital Zagreb. Considered one of the most beautiful cities on the European continent, Dubrovnik is a journey through time. In addition to the beauty of the landscapes to the Adriatic Sea, the city is walled and fortified. The walled part of the city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.
I think it is one of the most beautiful cities in the country and certainly an unmissable tour for those who have a few days there.

Photo – Hvar (BlueSkyTraveler)

Hvar Island is a paradise. Crystal clear waters and, in the summer, the days are super long (the sun appears five hours and only sets around nine at night)! But if you think it’s that climate, peace and love, you’re wrong. The island bombs at night, full of ballads and parties. The bars are always full of tourists, great for a trip with friends in a backpack, for example!

Photo – Plitvice Lakes (Flickr: mattharvey1)

Now, if you like to enjoy nature and breathtaking scenery, Plitvice Lakes National Park (Plitvicka Jezera in Croatian) is incredible! This show is 140 km from the capital and 130 km from Zadar, but it is super worth the visit.
In addition to the set of lakes of 16 connected lakes, the park has an immense flora and fauna. An unmissable tour for anyone who is passionate about parks like me! The blog Me Joguei Pelo Mundo has a complete post about there!
So, have you ever wanted to fly there?

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