Crochet is not just for grandma!

Crochet is not just for grandma!

Who said crochet is grandma’s thing? I came to prove to you that no! The pieces of this material are super delicate, feminine and stylish. You can use them in several compositions – just change the accessories and the piece changes.
I separated my favorite looks for you to be inspired!



Photo 1 – Bitter Sweet Colors / Photo 2 – Mariah’s Blog / Photo 3 – Follow the trend

Crochet dresses are classic and reflect femininity and romanticism! Light colors are the best options for those who want to produce themselves in this style. Finish the look with delicate accessories!



Foto 1 – 9 de 10 / Foto 2 – Pinterest / Foto 3 – Clic BS

The blouses with transparencies and the dress with very heavy accessories make the look super stylish. This type of look is perfect for a weekend or to go to shows and festivals – in fact Rock in Rio is there!



Foto 1 – Pinterest / Foto 2 – Where to Find / Foto 3 – Estilo Fashion

Once again the transparencies help to compose a sexy look. The mixture with lace or the hollows with hot pants and on display are the most suitable pieces for those who want to dare!

Cropped and Top


Photo 1 – That a Pril in Paris / Photo 2 – Necessary Attitude / Photo 3 – Wacha Buy

The most boho footprint chose the crochet top as one of the essential pieces! In this style it is possible to make the look more impactful – with vests, fringes, boots, metal (photo 1) -; super girlie – with shorts in the same material and light color (photo 2) -; or even super casual – with destroyed and cropped jeans (photo 3).



Photo 1 – The Zoe Report / Photo 2 – Vintage Collage / Photo 3 – A Pair and a Spare DIY

Crochet covers and midi skirts are the perfect pieces to compose a super sophisticated look using the material! Bet on monochromatic or bicolour visuals, especially in black and white. Because it is super detailed, crochet steals the show and becomes the highlight of the production.

Did you see how crochet can go to your closet?

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