Cronut: The Mix between Croissant and Donuts!

Cronut: The Mix between Croissant and Donuts!

Everyone knows about croissants and donuts! But what about the cronut?
This delight was created by the American patisserie Dominique Ansel and since 2013 it warms the hearts of many people who go to New York (and now also the people of Los Angeles and London, since the chef has opened bakeries in these two places).

What does dessert consist of?

As the name implies, cronut is a mixture of croissants and donuts. The puff pastry appears in a rounded shape and comes with a frosting style icing, which varies depending on the day and also on your decision.
I only managed to taste this candy in Los Angeles, because the times I tried in New York the lines were absurdly long. And yes, people line up even an hour before the bakery opens to try this cronut.
After waiting for a while and watching the window a lot, I decided to taste the maple syrup cronut, a flavor that is usually more neutral. At first glance, the candy is beautiful and very appetizing.
I confess that I regretted the choice of flavor, because I found the frying taste more pronounced and the maple syrup on the top itself hardly came. Still, the texture of the dough is quite interesting, being crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
Cronut: The Mix between Croissant and Donuts!


Due to the size of the success and baggage of the chef, who is French and has three Michelin stars on his resume, he imagined something more extraordinary. But it is that thing: good food is low expectation.
As I did not go very early, just when the cronut comes out, this may have been another factor that affected the taste of the dough, since she spent the day exposed in the window. And another, he wouldn’t be so successful if it wasn’t tasty!
To give you an idea, in a few days the chef even limits the amount of candy that can be sold per person. In this way, more people are able to delight in their creation.
Anyway, it’s worth a try to know what it’s like and have your own opinion. I prefer separate croissants and donuts, but I like to argue.
Have you proved it? If so, tell us what you think here in the comments!

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