Cronut – the newest wonder of desserts

Cronut - the newest wonder of desserts

Croissants are absolutely delicious. I can eat several without filling, even though I’m in paradise. Donuts make your mouth water just by looking. Now, the two together in the same recipe? That light, fluffy puff pastry on the croissant with the donut’s crunchy icing and icing … That can only be divine. Well, it is so tasty that Cronut must be, people wait more than 40 minutes in line to have the chance to buy one. Or several!
At the bakery of the French chef and creator of candy Dominique Ansel, in New York, they had to restrict the purchase of Cronuts to 6 per person, such as success and demand. The queue before eight in the morning is long and the success is complete. Cronut is a donut with croissant dough and icing. The Americans loved the novelty so much that they created a website,, so that people could post photos of the said whose. Okay, is it okay to stand in line to indulge your will, but create a “chronutophile movement” (their words)? Funny, will tell.
Cronut - the newest wonder of desserts

Anyway, in this video here you watch the chef talking about Cronuts. Get ready to drool!


My question is: when will these wonders appear here in Brazil? In the USA the unit costs an average of US $ 5.

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