Crusty Bread: What is it for?
Crusty bread what is it for

Crusty Bread: What is it for?

In the confectionery, some utensils are essential. We already talked about the fouet, for example, used mainly to make the pasta aerated and fluffy. This time, let’s talk about the hard bread or spatula. Basically, this utensil is used to stir pasta, level cakes and spatulate toppings and fillings.

Photo: Sally’s Baking Addiction

Because it has a more flexible material – silicone – crusty bread is perfect for scraping bowls and bowls without leaving a lot of food residues in the container. This way, you reduce the amount of dough that is stuck to the bowl. In addition, crusty bread also accurately removes ingredients that are kept in jars and cans. After all, we don’t want to waste anything, right?
To be even more effective, brands have developed spatulas with different shapes. The most rounded, for example, are perfect for mixing the dough and unifying all the elements that are part of the recipe. The straight spatula it is useful for smoothing the dough and making creamy toppings more textured. In the case of cakes, crusty bread is great for stirring everything delicately, without making the dough too heavy.

Photo: The Bojon Gourmet

The handle of hard bread is usually made of plastic. However, if you want an item that will last longer, invest in a spatula with a wooden handle. In addition to being more beautiful, their life span is much longer!
And then, who is already a fan of this tool?

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