Crystal Fighters


Today Paulo and I finally went back to the gym after many days of laziness and marking that we would go, but nothing happened.
I did only forty minutes on the treadmill but I sweated a lot and of course it’s a start. On the way home, I passed the newsstand and it made me want to buy a sweet popcorn. I resisted bravely and came home to eat healthy things; D
Now let’s get to the subject of that column. The bands that are on my i-pod are still the same as last year and the one that I like to listen to the most is the Crystal Fighters album Star of Love. The album already starts giving you a lot of gas to work out in the first songs and then it calms down a little but it is still super up beat, which is too much, because for me if the songs are all too heavy my ear starts to hurt and my head doesn’t can travel as much as I like when I’m working out. So this is one of my favorite albums to work out. And yours, what is it?

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