Cucumber Diet Lose seven kilos in just one week!

Cucumber Diet Lose seven kilos in just one week!

Cucumbers contain lots of water and are easy to digest – this is common knowledge. But cucumbers are also good for a lightning diet, with which you can lose up to seven kilos in just one week!

Cucumbers have many health-promoting ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Since they only have 14 calories per 100 grams, you can even lose weight quickly with a cucumber diet.

3 ways you can lose weight on the cucumber diet

According to the online magazine “”, the bitter substances contained in cucumbers stimulate your fat burning. Together with the low calorie content, they are therefore also suitable for a lightning diet, with which you can sometimes lose up to seven kilos in just one week. You can do this diet in three different ways:

  1. Just eat a piece of cucumber before every meal. This ensures that your stomach fills up and that you will be full faster as a result. For a weight loss effect, you should reduce your calorie intake at the same time.

  2. One meal a day should consist of a cucumber recipe or you should add as many cucumbers as possible to each meal.

  3. Cucumber juice is ideal for a lightning diet and is quick to make. Just squeeze it out and drink a glass of cucumber juice in the morning. Cucumber juice is also suitable as a dressing for a salad. So that the dressing doesn’t become too runny, you should mix the cucumber juice with yogurt or oil.

By the way: The cucumber is an all-rounder not only for losing weight, but also against diseases and as a beauty aid.


Live healthier
Cucumber – miracle cure against diseases and the ultimate beauty helper

The cucumber – boring taste and everything just water? Wrong thought, the cucumber can do so much more! We have health and beauty reasons for you, why you should not underestimate the green vegetables:

A cucumber diet is healthy, but …

Cucumbers are great as a lightning diet, but you shouldn’t be eating only cucumbers. This is too one-sided and can quickly lead to the notorious yo-yo effect. Then you will quickly have your lost pounds back on your hips. However, if you follow the cucumber diet according to one of the three forms described above for a limited period of time, this lightning diet can help you lose weight quickly.

When buying cucumbers, you should use organic products wherever possible, because they are usually less contaminated with harmful substances. This is especially true for the cucumber peel. You should definitely eat these, because most of the cucumber’s valuable ingredients are in and under the cucumber skin.

Craving for sweets, digestive problems – bitter substances could mean the solution to all of these problems. Here you can shop the innovative solution “Bitterliebe” against the desire for sweets:

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