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It is not because we live in the heart of a metropolis that we cannot have a nice corner of greenery. Between honey plants to feed our friends the bees, fruit trees and Parisian potatoes, here is how to have a vegetable garden in the city.

When we moved into the apartment that we still occupy today, in the heart of the 12th arrondissement of Paris, new projects opened up to us. Indeed, we have a beautiful outdoor space of 20 square meters. So, city dwellers that we are, we quickly had to learn how to flower this large balcony to create a beautiful rejuvenating space.

We immediately opted for the Elho brand, which manufactures these pots from plastic waste. Then, for plants, I am more shrubs than flowers, we were quite classic: olive tree, eucalyptus, rose bushes…

But since a winter has passed, some plantations have not survived and we know each other better. So this spring has been synonymous with a vegetable garden in the city!

Also if you want to grow aromatic plants in your kitchen to become a real cordon bleu and follow my recipes, I invite you to consult the article on connected vegetable gardens and how to garden in an apartment.

Vegetable garden in town: fruits

The sweetness of strawberries

So we started with the great classic: strawberries. The plants were given to us by a neighbor who saw his strawberry plant grow, grow, grow.

Planting is therefore done above ground. The strawberry plant is very fond of water. A good drainage device is therefore needed. I chose to place them in a planter. It is possible to plant roughly every 20 centimeters. It is preferable to choose a horticultural substrate: draining and water retaining.

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Here are the two planters that I find well suited to this type of planting. The first, Corsica, allows both sides of the balustrade to flower. The second Greenville is from my favorite collection from Elho. The pot has a built-in water tank, so your plants will never be thirsty. Plus, it’s mounted on discreet casters if you need to move your planter around to clean your patio floor. And I can promise you that it makes the difference!

A homemade lemonade for 2021

With us, the goal is clear: to have good big lemons next summer to make a lemonade evening! There is still a long way to go, but everything is already going well. Our lemon tree already offers us a beautiful lemon and little brothers seem to want to grow.

I bought this lemon tree in early spring from a garden center. I gave him special citrus fertilizer. Something that must probably be repeated regularly. And I repotted it in a raised pot because I wanted it raised! It will be sublime in a jar Urban loft if you want to give it a lot of land. On the contrary, if you like height but lack soil, Pure soft is perfect with its enhanced bottom!

grow lemon paris fruit tree lemon tree board

Vegetable garden in town, grow potted tomatoes

Here again, they are neighbors, other neighbors, but residents of my Parisian building who came to have dinner with me one evening with their arms loaded with small stems of tomatoes! This time I opted for the collection developed precisely for this type of project: a round pot for tomatoes equipped with a circular trellis. It is easy to maintain thanks to the integrated water tank and my small plants seem to thrive there fully.

However, if your ambitions are greater, the Dutch brand also offers a garden version and even a vegetable garden!

And vegetables!

Vegetable garden in the city: how to grow potted potatoes on your balcony

We have not yet started growing vegetables in our vegetable garden in the city. However, I know that a neighbor on the terrace grows potatoes there. It is an excellent choice.

Indeed, it is one of the cultures that are quite easy to implement and which are not too capricious. You will have to make your plantings at the end of March, beginning of April. The trick is to watch out for the lilacs: as soon as they bloom, it’s time to take care of your future potatoes!

The ground must be very sunny because the potato needs sun to develop well.

For you will need:

  • A large Elho pot specially designed for this type of crop (Amazon)
  • 2 potato tubers ready to plant
  • Clay balls
  • And special vegetable soil

The pot should be pierced to drain excess water. If not, add 4-5 holes using a drill. Then, place a 5 cm bed of clay balls. Add potting soil up to half of the pot.

Then dig two holes far enough apart to place the sprouting tubers upwards. Fill the holes again and water. Finally, place your pot in the sun and in the rain.

A month later, the foliage will have grown well. So it’s time to kill him. This is to cover it with earth to protect it from the sun. So add soil to your pot so that only about 5 centimeters of leaves stick out. Then resume sunbathing and regular watering.

You can start harvesting when the foliage is completely yellowed.

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