Cushions for your style
Cushions for your style

Cushions for your style

Pillows can help you put your style at home! I’ve already given you some tips on how to coordinate pillows, now it’s time to show some beautiful environments for you to be inspired!



Photo 1- Lovin’s blog / Photo 2 – Brit / Photo 3 – This little street

Bi-color pillows are great options for composing more modern environments and cools. These accessories can differ in the patterns of prints and even have some points of color that contrast with the “seriousness” of the place – just look at photo 1 and 3 that have yellow as the highlight.



Photo 1 – Lovin Blog / Photo 2 – Buzzfeed / Photo 3 – The Jungalow

Warm colors are the most suitable! Ethnic and graphic prints are essential to compose an environment in this style. They can go to any corner of your house: poufs, bed, sofa … Because it is a more relaxed style, you can take a chance on the mixes and make your home more to relax.



Photo 1 – Buying my apartment / Photo 2 – Decoholic / Photo 3 – Home Oh My!

The grilei style is also very simple and it is fun! Pastel tones are indispensable and the printed models make everything more cute. You can also mix these lighter shades with totally smooth pillows or with graphic prints of basic colors (black, white or gray).



Photo 1 – Valentina’s house / Photo 2 – DIYcore / Photo 3 – Mi Morgando

To make your home very happy and fun, the colors have to be present! A very simple tip is to mix smooth models of different colors, as in the first photo. If you want to take a little more risk, buy patterned pillow covers (of any kind) or cute ones with phrases and faces – I guarantee they’ll steal the show!
Now you can print your style in a much easier and cheaper way!

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