Customization: Patches and bottons!

Customization patches and bottons 1

Using creativity and personalizing pieces can be your bet this winter! The crisis is there, and no one deserves to spend a fortune on a new outfit – especially when you can customize it in your own home!

patches-and-bottons-customization-danielle-noce-0 Picture – Glamor

The bottons and patches came back with everything! Do you want anything better than giving that old jacket a new look? The buttons are great, you can always change them without wearing out the pieces – they are also super cheap!

The patches are even more cool options for customizing pieces in jeans. You can choose a theme or mix cool prints and various references!

patches-and-bottons-customization-danielle-noce-2 Photos – The Findings, Samara Fernandess, Pinterest, Anna Fasano and SOS Provador

Customization: Patches and bottons!

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