Cute Christmas Calendars

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Every early December we used to hang an embroidered calendar in white, green and red behind the living room door. On each of the 25 days, they asked for two green satin ribbons, and on them my mother would attach a candy. And then you know, you know, three kids, one bullet a day… I had to draw to see who would have the bullet in the calendar (but calm down, in the end everyone would be happy because Mami would have a full package in case of an emergency heheh ).
And it’s not that the idea of gift calendars is it really famous? The coolest thing is that you can make various styles with various prints and colors. On each of the days, you separate a cute souvenir to give to someone! Seriously, I just love these calendars. With cheap and easy to find products, you can have really cool results. You can use clothespins, for example, and a string to stick to the wall. Take a look:
calendar-christmas-gifts-ickfd-iheartnaptimecalendar-christmas-gifts-ickfd-monsieurplusmadamephotos: I heart a nap time / Monsieur Plus Madame
With more time and effort, you can use colored boxes or even paper packages to assemble your Christmas calendar; D
What to put inside the packages? Let your imagination fly! Bonbons, beautiful messages or small memories that will make someone smile.
calendar-christmas-gifts-ickfd-studiodiycalendar-christmas-gifts-ickfd-thecraftycrowcalendar-christmas-gifts-ickfd-livethjemmeikeaphotos: Studio DIY / The crafty crow / Live thjemme ikea
These inspirations can also help with creativity, take a look:
calendar-christmas-gifts-ickfd-thirdfloordesignstudiocalendar-christmas-gifts-ickfd-afewthingsfrommylifephotos: Third floor design studio / A few things from my life Flickr
I really liked the idea of ​​the envelopes, because in each of them you can put a beautiful message and it will certainly make the person’s day much more special. It’s a great tip to give away, right?
Which one did you like the most?
Christmas kisses!

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