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Cycling has always been my greatest passion since I was a child. I’ve always been a molecule. None of those mommy’s tidy and stuffed girls. Not that mine didn’t want that. Quite the opposite. She never missed an opportunity to even put me in a dress and stick a tiara on my head. I hated to wear a tiara, it hurt behind the ear. He always took it off before he even got in the car.
I am the younger sister of 5 children. Only I am much younger. I am early as people usually say. For you to have an idea, my little sister after me, is 16 years older than me. So, I ended up becoming an aunt very early. Except that almost all my nephews are practically my age. And out of a total of 8 nephews, I only have one niece, who has also always been a tomboy.
dani noce bike
So you can imagine how much we were up to together. Practically a bunch of kids running around, playing tag, riding bikes and skating. And I remember very well the time my father decided to remove the wheels from the back of my white Caloi, already destroyed. My two nephews older than me (yes, I have older nephews) had already removed the wheels from behind and I was dying to follow. And trickster the way I am, I didn’t just want to take the wheels off. My dad took the wheels and I went the same way I always did when the wheels were still there. I was going down the house ramp, turning furiously to the left and pedaling towards the entrance of the farm, along the coffee trees. I have always followed the same path, and stubborn as I am, of course I could do it. You who are reading it know it didn’t happen, right? I fell on my knees at the very beginning of the ramp and scraped until the end of it. It was raw. And that was one of my greatest assets and one of the coolest stories I had to tell to all the family and friends since I was 4, 5 years old (I never remember the right age at all), but I think I was in pre. Over the years that giant stain / mark / scar went up as I grew, then decreased in size and nowadays I think it doesn’t even exist anymore. But she was a great companion of mine for a few years and I loved to tell that story to everyone who asked me about it. Then there were other scars, from skateboards, skates and even a bizarre sofa bed that my mother had at home (this one I still have today). And even today I am in love with scars. They remind us of things we lived through, and as my memory has always been bad, I like that very much.
Then I grew up and for a long time I didn’t ride a bike. Before going to Paris, I bought a folding one that was not very practical and caused me another scar, which curiously disappeared soon. In Paris I bought one that I loved, with a foot brake. I love that kind of bicycle. But I ended up selling before I came back. Now I share the bike with Paulo, I ride him a little bit, he goes on skates or skates and we take turns until I buy one again.
And we had no time to ride a bike, but we got a beautiful and huge dishwasher from Brastemp and Finish and now I can enjoy this beloved and childhood companion again. Ahhhhh how I love to ride a bike and feel free and alive!

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