Dalva e Dito – São Paulo

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Anyone who knows me knows that one of my favorite restaurants in São Paulo is Dalva e Dito. Every time I went back to Brazil, the first restaurant I went to was Dalva e Dito and often to eat the same things: fried manioc, pork in a can with pequi puree and milk pudding.
To this day, I haven’t been able to decide whether I like DOM or Dalva e Dito any more, all of which are led by chef Alex Atala. But I always have to think that my favorite is Dalva, because of the fun, the abundant food and the taste of a mother.
Dalva and Dito2For me, pequi reminds me of childhood. I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than a month without eating a good chicken with pequi at the home of one of my aunts or even at home, and in São Paulo it is so difficult to find pequi or a place that does pequi well done, that the first time that I ate the pequi puree and I couldn’t get rid of it. Another dish I like there is muqueca, which reminds me a lot of my aunt Dagui, with a lot of coriander. I love coriander, I don’t understand people who turn their face to coriander or any other type of food, unless the person has some type of allergy. At home, he never had to avoid eating this or that, he had to eat everything on the plate. So I got used to my mother’s morning juices with carrots, cabbage and beets. Wow, didn’t you even want to now? ; D
Dalva and Dito1Well, and finally, there is no way out of Dalva and Dito without eating the milk pudding, which is more than hearty and delicious, really, to share, it is very big. Alex Atala says in the carpet, that he did it because of a childhood trauma, they never gave him the size he wanted for pudding. Yeah, on second thought, pudding never hurts.
Another dessert that I love from there are homemade sweets with white cheese, they are very well made and remind me of Pirenópolis sweets.
Dalva e Dito 3Well, nothing better than a restaurant that takes you by the stomach and childhood memories for you to be a customer and always come back.
PS: Ahhhh and they have chicken on Saturdays, which is very affordable and delicious! Don’t miss it.
Dalva e Dito is located at Rua Padre João Manuel, 1115, in São Paulo – SP.

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