Dangerous Beauty Product Ovarian Cancer From Baby Powder – American Woman Earns $ 417 Million

Dangerous Beauty Product Ovarian Cancer From Baby Powder - American Woman Earns $ 417 Million

How can baby powder be carcinogenic? Unfortunately, this is a sad truth, as an American woman now had to experience firsthand.

Your own health is priceless, but if it is damaged through the fault of other people or even companies, then there are damages and in the USA often even in the millions. Often, however, those affected do not have much of the high sums of money, because in the worst case they are terminally ill and can only provide for their families and other relatives with the compensation paid.

The current situation is similar to the 63-year-old Eva Echeverria, who is terminally ill and had sued the large cosmetics group Johnson & Johnson. She used the baby powder from the cosmetic giant that ultimately caused ovarian cancer in her all her life. Eva Echeverria won in a California court and the jury has awarded her $ 417 million in damages.

Ovarian cancer from baby powder – how does it work?

The to the decision of the American court is the illness of the now 63-year-old Eva Echeverria. Echeverria sees the cause of ovarian cancer in her many years of using a talc-containing baby powder from Johnson & Johnson. According to the patient, she had been using the baby powder in question to care for her private parts since she was eleven years old.

Eva Echeverria suspected the first connection between ovarian cancer and the use of baby powder after another woman sued for the same disease in connection with baby powder in 2007 and was ruled in court.

She sued herself and has now been ruled in a California court. The jury saw a link between baby powder and ovarian cancer and also assumed that the company knew of this danger early on. The Johnson & Johnson company is paying dearly, as they are expected to pay $ 417 million in damages.

It was not the first or the last lawsuit against the company regarding the baby powder. The decisions in the respective cases have so far been very different. Sometimes you saw the connection between ovarian cancer and baby powder clearly, another time not and the beauty company was awarded the right.

Does baby powder really contain carcinogenic substances?

There are many carcinogenic substances, but who would suspect them to be found in baby powder? After all, everyone assumes that with all baby care products special attention is paid to what ingredients are used. The ingredient talc, which is often found in baby powder, is repeatedly suspected of causing cancer. Specifically, talc-containing baby powder, which is often used in the genital area, is said to be a trigger for ovarian cancer.

That's how dangerous the HP virus is

Cervical cancer? The HP virus is that dangerous!

Genital warts, as human papilloma viruses are known colloquially, are often barely visible and do not cause any pain to those affected. And yet they can be very dangerous and lead to cervical cancer, among other things. We tell you how you can recognize the HP virus and protect yourself from it.

According to the World Health Organization, talc-based powder is classified as a potentially carcinogenic substance, but only if you use it in the genital area. However, there is no concrete risk assessment of the risk of cancer for humans through talk.

The risk of developing ovarian cancer is low regardless of the use of talc-based powder. In 2012, fewer than two out of 10,000 women in Germany contracted this disease. The British Ovarian Cancer Charity assumes that talc-containing powder increases the risk of developing ovarian cancer by a third in the worst case – so the risk is still very small. However, the Ovarian Cancer Charity does not see any reliable connection between the powder and the outbreak of the disease. If you want to be on the safe side, you will find many alternative products that do not contain talc.

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