Dangerous weight loss trend skipping meals? Zero diets are that harmful

Dangerous weight loss trend skipping meals?  Zero diets are that harmful

The best way to lose weight quickly is to skip a few meals, right? Read here why this is a dangerous fallacy and what happens in your body with zero diets.

The view that starving yourself strictly is the best way to lose excess pounds is still very widespread. That is why some people follow consistent zero diets and do not eat anything for days. There they risk drastic health consequences. In addition, the lost weight comes back in no time at the end of the diet, often with a few extra kilos in the luggage.

In principle, medical professionals today largely agree: Skipping meals is not a good idea, even if you are trying to lose weight. Instead, regular meals are an important foundation for losing weight.

Skipping food – this happens in your body

Not only those who want to lose weight sometimes go without food. Stress can also lead to skipping meals to save time. However, this has consequences for body and mind:

  • The body is now tapping into its reserves. Glucose is particularly important for brain activity. This lowers the blood sugar level.

  • Your metabolism will slow down about 4 to 6 hours after you last eaten. It can lead to food cravings. The bad thing about it: Above all, the desire for unhealthy sweets increases.

  • If you eat late the next time, the body burns it slowly and converts more of it into reserves to protect itself from new hunger attacks. With this, you also apply love handles.

It doesn’t mean that if you only have two meals at a time, it will be a disaster. In the long run, however, this has negative consequences such as poor performance and concentration, tiredness and depressive moods. Skipping meals to lose weight is also not a good idea.

Zero diets – more harm than good

So skipping meals on a regular basis to lose weight is not a good idea. But what about the so-called zero diet, in which you do not eat for a longer period of time? Doctors and nutrition experts think little of it, because if you fast and drink low-calorie drinks at most, your body goes into hunger metabolism.

That means he gets energy from the muscles. So you lose mainly muscle mass and not fat. In addition, the dreaded yo-yo effect threatens after the end of the diet. That being said, fasting can have a number of unpleasant side effects; from poor concentration to irritability. A zero diet can even be life-threatening, because the heart is also a muscle that is affected by fasting.

That is why doctors advise, if so, then only to follow a zero diet under medical supervision. It is more successful and also more pleasant if you combine a healthy and balanced diet with regular exercise. Then you don’t need to skip meals to lose weight.

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