Dani and her newest toy with Brastemp and Finish

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I love to cook, but I hate washing dishes. In fact, someone who likes to wash dishes is about to be born. I mean, Paulo (Bigode) even says he likes it, because that way he reflects and thinks about life and stuff. The problem is that it takes days to decide to wash everything that was left in the sink and when it goes to wash, it takes hours to wash the dishes and spend water without stopping. Not to mention that if he keeps doing the dishes, we can’t do anything together and I end up alone at the computer. Or worse, he decides to ask me to dry, because everything doesn’t fit in the drying rack and so I have to turn around in my thirties and I get even more tired to do anything afterwards.
The good thing is that now we have a dishwasher from Brastemp and Finish that will solve all our problems. The machine is huge, it even fits a pressure cooker and I can call all my friends to dinner and not worry about the dishes that Paulo would wash only on Monday.
I had a birthday party at home and as soon as everyone ate, I put everything in the dishwasher myself and was able to continue talking with my friends. The sink was not full of dishes, nor was the table messy, not at all. Everything in its proper place and when everyone left, everything was ready and I managed to have time to continue with my xylophone lessons.
Ahhh yeah, I didn’t tell you, did I? Now I’m learning to play the xylophone. I mean, I’m trying to learn – kkkkkkkk – I’ve never seen a person as bad and awkward as I am. I don’t know if I’ll be able to learn, but now I have plenty of time to dedicate myself and who knows, I give up on the confectioner’s life and join a band ?! No, that’s too much! But it can become a good hobby, even more so now with my new washing machine that I got from Brastemp and Finish.
Thank you very much Brastemp and Finish for giving me the opportunity to see my husband’s ears with beautiful notes coming from my xylophone, I say notes, because music will take a while to come out! ; D

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