Dani and Paulo in the 8th week of Audiovisual – Casper Líbero

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In a lively meeting and a source of exchange of ideas, Faculdade Cásper Líbero promoted the lecture “A hint of interactivity: the culinary channels that rocked the Internet”. The meeting took place on August 13 and was broadcast live on YouTube, with guests who have been active for a long time. Representing the channel Cozinha Bossa & Malagueta and I Could Kill For Dessert, Dani Noce and Paulo Cuenca (Bigode) spoke together with Otavio Albuquerque, from Rolê Gourmet, and Caio Novaes, from Ana Maria Brogui.
dani e paulo 4 The whole conversation was a lively chat about the challenges of making (and maintaining) culinary channels on the internet and how is the relationship with the public (you! <3) Ah! All good, very good mood, of course.
Check out: [youtube]d3wrA-Eu9Qk[/youtube]

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