Daniela Katzenberger eating attack! Does it ruin diet success?

Daniela Katzenberger eating attack!  Does it ruin diet success?

Actually, Daniela Katzenberger just wants to get fit for her wedding. But now the cat treats itself to a fat cheatday!

It’s been half a year since Daniela Katzenberger (29) gave birth to her baby. Now the countdown to the wedding with her sweetheart Lucas Cordalis (43) is running. Until June 4th, she wants to slim down a lot, in order to present herself in her dream dress on the wedding day. In order for this to work, healthy food, low carbohydrates and lots of exercise are on the plan – actually …

Daniela Katzenberger treats herself to a cheat day

Daniela now showed her culinary slip-ups on Facebook: For breakfast there was first a fat cake, then an hour later an even fatter pizza and then a chocolatey cocoa. The cat allowed himself all of this on her cheat day. Phew, can the 29-year-old really bring her body into shape like this?

Well, you can treat yourself to something – especially after the results on the scales so far. After all, Daniela has already lost a few pounds, which she proved with a before-and-after comparison. She also recently stated on her Facebook page: “My diet is going great, I’m never hungry (maximum cravings), get full and lose weight so I don’t look like a liver sausage in my wedding dress.”

Then a cheat day can be included from time to time …

Daniela Katzenberger explains in the video what will change after the wedding!

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