Daniela Katzenberger super diet ?! BUNTE.de editor tested it

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Daniela Katzenberger has almost reached her dream weight. On Facebook, she raves about the success of the “Bodychange” weight loss program. But does the super diet really work? A Marians Welt editor tested it!

Daniela Katzenberger (28) put on weight quite a bit during pregnancy. She still weighed 77 kilos after the birth of daughter Sophia in August. Her big goal: By the time her marriage to her Lucas (43) on June 4th, the baby pounds must be gone. Your dream weight: “59 kg at 1.63m”. She almost got there. The scale recently showed only 63.4 kilos, as the 28-year-old proudly documented on Facebook. She attributes her success to the “Bodychange” weight loss program. But does the super diet really work? And above all: does the weight stay down? A Marians Welt editor did the long-term test.

What is allowed? What is not allowed?

By and large, it’s a low carb diet. You do without the bad carbohydrates, which quickly go into the blood, make the blood sugar soar and thus promote cravings. There are three meals a day, with a break of at least five hours between each. A so-called “Cheatday” is allowed once a week, on which you can feast to your heart’s content. Daniela Katzenberger also documents her Sunday “eating attacks” on Facebook.

Taboo are: loaf

Pasta, rice, starchy vegetables (potatoes, parsnips, etc.), sweets of all kinds (including sweeteners such as stevia and aspartame) and dairy products – a maximum of 250 ml of dairy product directly (max. 30 minutes) after training is allowed.

Allowed are:

Eggs, meat, fish, nuts, fruit (in very small amounts because it contains a lot of fructose), legumes (although they are rich in carbohydrates, they are long-chain carbohydrates that go slowly into the blood and do not make the insulin level rise so quickly ).

The sports program:

2 x 20 minutes of the “Bodychange” workout per week
2 x 30 min circuit training per week
Refrain from any kind of public transport.

I run to work every day – about 7 km. Everything else on foot. It increases and suddenly it’s not that bad anymore. In the meantime I can no longer do without running. I have a pedometer and it shows me between 17,000 and 25,000 steps every day. (They say: To lose weight you should take at least 10,000 steps a day) That is between 11 and 15 km daily.

My conclusion:

I lost 50 pounds in eleven months.

“Bodychange” is a great change in diet! I have now switched completely to a low-carb diet in which I bake my (protein) bread myself. Eggs in particular offer an almost infinite variety of possible variations. However, I haven’t left out dairy products entirely. Maybe that’s why it took me a little longer to lose weight, but it was worth it to me.

The best thing about the diet is the “Cheatday”, on which you can eat whatever you want. For me that can be 3,000 kcal a day. In my opinion, that helps a lot with perseverance. If you get cravings during the week, you can look forward to being able to eat whatever and as much as you like on “Cheatday” (Sunday for me).

Today I no longer follow the program so strictly. For example, I treat myself to dairy products again, as only a few kilos are missing from my dream weight.

I stayed true to the sports program. I run to work every day – that’s about seven kilometers. I also do everything else on foot. I slowly increased my workload and suddenly it wasn’t that bad at all. In the meantime, I can no longer do without walking.

The before and after comparison with Daniela Katzenberger

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You can find more information about the “Bodychange” program here

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