Daniela Katzenberger That really shows the scale!

Daniela Katzenberger That really shows the scale!

With the wedding countdown to her marriage on June 4th, Daniela Katzenberger’s wedding dress diet is also entering the hot phase. Now she reveals how much she really weighs at the moment.

Daniela Katzenberger’s (29) currently probably the most important goal: to cut a good figure in the wedding dress. The robe must fit on June 4th. Then she will step in front of the altar with her Lucas (43).

So that the very last baby pounds tumble, the cult blonde torments herself with a strict diet. Vegetables and lean meat are the main ingredients on the table. Carbohydrates are taboo on the way to the dream figure. And the 29-year-old is getting closer and closer.

After the birth of daughter Sophia in August, she weighed 77 kilos – now – tada – only 63.4 kilos. She proudly documents this with a photo of the digital ad on Facebook. “I’m doing a ‘Sophia Cordalis Workout’. Otherwise I don’t do any sport, just changed my diet, ”she explains to a user.

The success is clearly visible. Even if the “bacon wings” have not completely disappeared, the golden sequin dress that she wore when her lover proposed marriage is already slacking, as she recently demonstrated in a before-and-after comparison.

Nevertheless, she has not yet fully achieved her weight loss goal. She wants to get to “59 kg at 1.63m”. I bet she’ll manage it now too ?!

Here she shows her “bacon wings”

In the video: Daughter Sophia is that big already

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