Dark Mouth

Dark Mouth

Lipstick is an indispensable item, isn’t it? How about enjoying the winter and daring even more in the dark and closed tones? In addition to the browns that have been making the biggest success with Kylie Jenner, make room for purples, wines and even a little black dress!

mouth-dark-makeup-tip-danielle-noce-0 Picture – Polyvore

Aah, and forget about that little mouth, I look at nothing – currently what matters is common sense! Mixing dark earthy tones in your eyes, for example, does not prevent you from using a wine lipstick – in fact, it is super sophisticated!
Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable, you can make good skin and rock with a black lip. I promise, knowing how to use it, it’s not always gothic, okay? Go to makeup stores and try out different shades, I’m sure you’ll find your darkest life!

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