Debuts at Paris Fashion Week 2020

Debuts at Paris Fashion Week 2020

For the first time at Paris Fashion Week, on the last day (there is a publication about yesterday’s fashion show here), an Indian and a Cameroonian took their incredible creations to the so disputed catwalks. And I’m not kidding, before I know it I already chose the two collections as my favorites of the day <3

Rahul mishra parade

Rahul Mishra parade. Photo: Vogue FR

Rahul Mishra and Imane Ayissi bring a lot of stories from their origins as inspiration for the clothes, and as I love to travel, it makes perfect sense to me. Check below the inspirations and main tips of these and other shows on the last day of Paris Fashion Week 2020.

Rahul Mishra: Paria Fashion Week’s first Indian stylist

Rahul Mishra is the first Indian designer to compose Paris Fashion Week haute couture. His inspiration is from a trip he made to Maldives and brought back memories through shades of blue, shapes that resemble fish, aquatic foliage and corals.

Debuts at Paris Fashion Week 2020

Photo: Vogue BR

All the clothes are very shocking because of the texture. Here, inspired by the Maldives, there are many leaves that look like fern and some flowers too. It all starts with a lot of white with a dirty aspect that mixes with more video tones, like yellow and pink (reference to corals). What I also loved were the long coats with embroidery of sequins and beads.

  • And this dress with super minimalist modeling and a lot of shine?

Imane Ayissi: fabrics with African history

Imane Ayissi is Cameroonian and is the first designer from sub-Saharan Africa to participate in Paris Fashion Week. The parade combined European and African style and I was like? With a lot of desire to travel, obviously!

Debuts at Paris Fashion Week 2020

Photo: Vogue FR

It all starts with the choice of fabrics, as the clothes are made with African cotton from Burkina Faso. But also mixing with silk, which I found very interesting to mix silk with other different fabrics! Here for me the highlights are in 3D appliques, both flowers and geometric designs.

  • And the raffia fringe covers are awesome!
  • The structured dress with stripes in different directions is EVERYTHING! Would you use?

Aganovich: satin and lots of organza

Aganovich is an English brand and his idea in this collection was to show people that fashion is an artistic expression and thus, arouse the emotion of the spectators. For that, the models came in with masks and very dramatic clothes, I found everything!

Debuts at Paris Fashion Week 2020

Photo: Vogue FR

The satin and organza dresses with many layers and a very narrow belt marked the show very well. The structured shoulders also have everything, and to complement the hats, ropes and give a very chic look.

The inspiration for this collection was the intergalactic worlds imagined by Osamu Tezuka, creating a futuristic parade with a lot of technology. Then comes the part that I love, the biggest parts are transformable by whoever uses it. I will repeat again: versatility is everything !!!

Debuts at Paris Fashion Week 2020

Photo: Vogue FR

The clothes have colors that are beautiful and this gradient effect makes me very excited to innovate the colors. I love black and white, but I also like to vary it a bit. Extravagant collars also mark the pieces a lot.

Aelis: sea and sunset – perfect inspiration for Paris Fashion Week!

Who has never been inspired by the sea and the sunset? That’s what happened to the designer Sofia Crociani to create her color palette in this show. And I here again, wanting to get dressed and travel to the beach for now, hehe!

Debuts at Paris Fashion Week 2020

Photo: Dominique Maitre / WWD

The raw silk with a beautiful purple dye resembles the color of the sea at dusk, in addition to tones that look like a transformation from blue to magenta. The highlight here, which is inspiring for us, is that Aelis usually leaves the sheath raw, which I particularly think is beautiful, seems more stripped down.
This last day of Paris Fashion Week made me super excited with these various travel memories and a statement of fashion as history. How much inspiration and information this week, folks! What did you think?

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