Decor theme: travel!


The decoration of our house always reflects a little of our personality. Choosing a theme for each corner is a very special way to express our tastes, don’t you think?
And if there’s anything I love to do in this life, it’s traveling! Researching some references, I saw that there are incredible ways to put this passion in home decor too. For those who also love this theme, look at these incredible ideas ?



Foto – Pinterest

Panels, stickers, wallpapers, paintings … There are several ways to place maps in the decoration. One of the office walls, for example, can be a great place to put the idea into practice!
Wood panels are also excellent options. The pieces add more texture to the decoration and the effect is incredible.
Another possibility that I also loved is to mark the places already visited on the map, the decor is even more personalized ?



Photo – SF By Bay

Of course, the classic globes would not be left out of this selection, right? Many people have a passion for this object. The luminous models are super practical and work as a lamp – put on the nightstand ?
It is also possible to customize a simpler model with phrases (just a beautiful permanent pen and good handwriting, haha). So that you don’t have a lot of manual skills, mixing globes on shelves and shelves also helps to make the theme of decoration clear!

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