Decorate the kitchen with succulents in cups!

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succulent-cups-curbly-ickfdHi! I was searching for culinary inspirations to share here with you when I see this photo above. “Juicy in cups ?!”, I thought. After a break, I saw that the idea is beautiful and deserves special attention; D
Plants bring life and energy into the house and succulents are a charm in themselves. Now add that to that delicate cup that you are even afraid to use every day. With care and dedication, it can become a decorative vase! The good thing about growing succulents is that they do not need to be watered frequently, as their leaves retain water for a long time (which gives them that chubby and beautiful aspect). Even so, it is not enough to simply plant them in the cup. As they have no hole to drain the water, there is a trick for your plants to have long life in the teacup.
It is always good to clear up any doubts with a gardener, but here I found a recipe (this is not edible hehe) to prepare the substrate, which is where your succulent will stay. Just mix 3 parts of earth to be filled, 2 parts of sand and 1 part of pearlite (source: Amy Andrychowicz) and tidying up in the cup; after that, just plant the succulent. Perlite is a neutral ph mineral widely used in horticulture and its benefits are to keep the soil ventilated and drained.
To find out if your succulent needs water, just stick a toothpick into the soil – if it comes out dry and clean, wait a day or two and then water it a little. If it still comes out moist, it means she is happy and sated ?
Take a look at the inspirations:
succulent-cups-curbly-ickfddecoration-succulents-crazy-kitchen-etsy-ickfdsucculents-in-cups-cha-mvplteen-ickfdsucculent-cups-curbly-ickfd2succulent-cup-etsy-ickfdphotos: Etsy, Curbly, Mvplteen
Did you feel like planting? Hope so! The cool thing about this idea is that you can do it as gifts for loved ones or even give as a souvenir at a party at home. There are even people who did it for the guests of a wedding, I found it very unusual.
Juicy kisses and until next time; D

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