Decorated Pie Edges!
Decorated pie edges

Decorated Pie Edges!

We cannot deny that besides the flavor, the presentation of a pie counts a lot of points, right? A delicious filling and incredible dough are even more irresistible with a special decoration ?

Photo: Marcus Nilsson via Martha Stewart

With the holiday season approaching, you can use some of these techniques to make that classic pie even more beautiful on the table!


The braids don’t work just to pick up the pie, see? They can be great finishes for the edge of an open pie! Simple to make and the result is supercharming.

Photo: Chatelaine


After fixing the dough in the pie, you can simply cut the edge diagonally and place each layer to one side. The zig-zag effect is unusual and the method of preparation is very easy.

Photo: Relish

You can also make straighter cuts, forming small rectangles ?

Photo: Relish


It doesn’t have a shape full of details, but you want a delicate and romantic presentation? A pearl necklace (or even balls) can become a great tool!

Photo: Dede Wilson via Bakepedia

The spoon can also be used to give that rounded touch on the sides. Making small markings makes the dessert more sophisticated.

Photo: Relish

Interlocking balls can give a great finish! To have this effect, prefer to use the very round measuring spoons.

Photo: Dede Wilson via Bakepedia


We already talked about spoon, but the fork is also a great ally at this time. In addition to making the lines straight, you can cross the markings to have a more beautiful and surprising result.

Photo: Bon Appetit Magazine


Remember the post with Christmas cutters? They will give that incredible finishing touch to your pies! Just make more dough, cut it into the desired shape and overlay the figures on the sides!

Photo: Style Me Pretty

You can either use the same mold to create a pattern, or mix different sizes and models for a more elaborate and eye-catching effect.

Photo: EAB Designs via Ebay

Who knew the edge of a pie could be so charming?

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