Decorating cakes with real flowers
Decorating cakes with real flowers

Decorating cakes with real flowers

Adding more color to your gastronomic creations is like a touch of light. And if you think that real flowers don’t go with food, come here and take a look at these pictures. A wedding, birthday or any special celebration cake will be even more vibrant! When planning your cake, give preference to edible flowers, but be careful: they must always be organic and treated with natural products to prevent insects and fungi.
In the market, the variety is great and the ones that have received special attention from the chefs are mini roses, capuchin and pansy, which not only decorate cakes but also different desserts and salads. The most common species in cake decoration are roses, orchids and daisies, but it’s up to you to choose the ones that will complete your edible work.
Ah, always ask the florist which flowers do not cause any problems, because some species are toxic – jasmine and tulips, for example. In this post here you learn a little more about each species. It is important to wash the stems, leaves and petals of the flowers that will be placed on the cakeas they may contain pesticides and some microbes. Gently rinse them in cold water and let them dry on a paper towel. When making the arrangement, avoid leaving the flower in direct contact with the cake – for that, use those cellophane paper of brigadeiro molds, You know? Just make a hole in the center of one of them and pass the flower cable there, then cut the paper so that it does not appear in the decoration.
See this beautiful cake right below? It’s the Well married, done with dulce de leche mousse and sponge cake! This decoration with flowers was beautiful, right? Click here to check the complete recipe!

To prevent the stems from entering the cake, there are some tricks when it comes to fitting the flowers. See which you prefer:

  1. If the cake is large, it is worth investing in thin tubes (type Test tubes, same). You will put a little water inside each one and then arrange the flower inside. After, just fit the tube on the cake so that the water does not seep into the mass. The decoration will be more hygienic and the flowers will last longer, since they are in contact with water.
  2. If the cake is smaller or you can’t find the tubes, fit each stem to a plastic straw. The problem here is that the flowers will not be in the water. Therefore, leave them in a glass of water in the refrigerator until it is time to serve the cake and only then prepare the decoration.
  3. Here is the same scheme: leave the flowers in water in the refrigerator, since their protection will be done with a layer of aluminum foil. Just wrap and protect the stems well and then decorate the cake.

But like this, look … I’ll tell you something. If you want to decorate your cakes in a style like these, just make sure the petals are clean and then arrange them as you like on the icing. Since they are edible and sanitized, they will not kill anyone; D
In addition to the flowers, as I said at the beginning of the post, it is a charm to add salads and other dishes with beautiful and fresh flowers. Here you learn the recipe for a spring salad and here a panna cotta with apricot jam. Total success!
sources: Ehow / Cake School

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