Decorating craze: cross bookshelves


I love different bookshelves! Besides leaving the house with a more personal touch, since our favorite books and objects are on the shelves, they are great options for a much more decor cool. I love the cross shelves and you can use them in every type of home you can imagine! I selected 5 photos for you to be inspired!



Photo – Homefy

The varnished wood model is very modern! It looks great in environments that mix different textures (like in the photo with bricks, tiled floors and strong colors), but also composes with more minimalist decorations. The design gives a more unusual touch to a basic home.

Nothing basic


Foto – Pinterest

The black model is striking both if the wall is white (forms an incredible graphic) and if the background is black! The model is very contemporary and goes well in more unusual decorations and full of personality.

Clean clean


Photo – Homefy

I love the mixture of white and wood, even when it’s super delicate. A lighter house with neutral colors looks great with this bookcase model. The decoration is super charming, because in addition to being useful, the piece almost turns into a work of art or a panel that helps to divide environments.



Photo – UOL

The cross shelf with a more rustic wood, looks great even outdoors. The modern design contrasts with the simpler material and makes everything more charming. The model also goes very well in younger and cool environments. A very modern room is even more amazing with the piece.

Distinctive touch


Foto – Apartamento Terapia

Are you afraid to dare too much in design? How about adapting only a few modules of the shelf? The effect is incredible and you can still save a lot more in the same niche!
Did you also fall in love with these models?

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