Decorating cupcakes

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In this quick and humorous video, Jemma Wilson teaches how to decorate a cupcake with buttercream. She is part of the wonderful Jamie Oliver channel, which is rocking YouTube.
There are no subtitles in Portuguese, but just by observing the way it shows you can understand, if you do not understand English. Anyway, here are some of the tips that Jemma gives:

  1. One of the easiest ways to decorate cupcakes is with the pastry bag.
  2. If you use a big bag, it is useful because it prevents you from making a mess with cream (and everyone knows that sometimes it is inevitable heheh). Therefore, the tip is to fold the bag so that your hands are protected while putting the buttercream – or any other more consistent coating.
  3. Stir the buttercream to get rid of air bubbles and make the coverage even.
  4. Speaking of which, when closing the pastry bag try to get as little air as possible. Otherwise, it could happen that accident of blowing cover for everything!
  5. Twist the bag and make sure it is firmly in your hand. Even so, avoid touching the cream part, since it is made with butter and can melt easily.
[youtube]otcT4usgEoc[/youtube]I think she could have used a more delicate tip for the video, but it was still cool. (If you want to know more about the types of piping nozzles, click here!)

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