Decorating ideas for fruit pies

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Decorating ideas for fruit pies
“The ugly ones will forgive me, but beauty is fundamental”, said the poet. Vinícius, I’m actually the one who asks for forgiveness. Humbly, I think the phrase falls better here, when it comes to pies and not women. Between a pie decorated on a whim and another not so worked on the finish, I can bet that the first will make a better impression on you. Am I right?
Yes, I know that anyone who sees a face does not see a heart and should never judge a book by its cover, but are we going to agree something? It’s much nicer to serve a dessert lindona, tell me! Therefore, we have separated some fruit decorating ideas for you to make your next cakes unbeatable!
The decorations can go according to the dough and filling combinations you choose. In addition to those listed in this post, you can click here to check out a whole bunch of pie recipes, so just invent fashion and make it happen. Come here:
Strawberries they are already decoration by themselves and the best of all is that it can vary according to different cuts in the fruit. When sliced, they are beautifully arranged over the entire surface of the pie; longitudinal pieces match with tartlets, like the second photo, and whole ones bring a more rustic charm to the candy. Which option do you prefer? (click on each photo to see the full recipe)
recipe-how-to-make-strawberry-cream-pie-dani-noce-ickfd2ickfd dani noce strawberry tart 9
In this gluten-free / lactose strawberry tart, the decoration was made with burnt marshmallows in addition to the strawberries. It is also beautiful, look:
Whipped cream is always a surefire option to decorate any candy. In this pie, the final touch was the combination of raspberries and flaked almonds to harmonize with the filling of red fruits. What about?
Click here for the full recipe
recipe-how-to-make-christmas-pie-berries-raspberry-whipped cream-almonds-ickfd-4***
A few fresh berries are enough to add color and flavor to your pie. Click here to check this recipe; D
Pati Bianco, our collaborator of gluten / lactose-free functional recipes here at ICKFD, had already made a peach tart with pink decoration (click here to check the recipe) and it was a success!
If you want to make a more sugary version, you can choose a dough and filling of your choice and decorate with peaches as in the photo below. Look how beautiful:
decoration-pie-fruit-mitzyathome-ickfdSource: Mitzy at Home
Speaking of rose, look at that! When you serve this pie to the guests, everyone will say that you are ready to open a confectionery, it was so beautiful it was! As you can see in the images below, there is not much secret to forming the apple rose. Just have a little patience and that’s it; D
ICKFD TIP: Follow our recipe for American apple pie and when assembling prepare the decoration below. It will be unforgettable!
decoracao-torta-maca-comfortablydomestickitchen-ickfdsource: Comfortably Domestic Kitchen
There are people who cover the whole banoffee with whipped cream, but here Dani chose to leave the edges of the pie with banana slices on display. The touch of chocolate on top of everything made dessert even more attractive, right?
Click here for the full recipe
How about exchanging meringue for confined lemons? Sometimes it is worth betting on new presentations and this option is cute. Click here to learn how to caramelize the lemon slices and check out the pie recipe here.
decoration-tart-fruit-lemon-confited-ickfd-mishuaPhoto: Msihua
Other inspirations:
It is also beautiful to leave the filling on display and decorate only the outline of the pie, or even make it in a half moon shape, as in the photo below. What do you think?
decorating-pie-fruit-hummingbirdhigh-ickfdsource: Hummingbird High
In this crunchy cake made with puff pastry, Dani made a colorful decoration with strawberries, blueberries, fresh figs and rosemary. Isn’t it beautiful?
Click here for the complete recipe
cake-thousand-leaves-of-passion fruit-5***
Now tell me which of these decorations you preferred and when you intend to make them!

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