Decorating ideas for New Year’s Eve

Decorating ideas for New Year's Eve

At this time of the year we talk a lot about Christmas decoration, but what about New Year’s Eve? It is possible to arrange and decorate the house (even the beach) in a very simple and charming way! I selected some images that will help you decorate anywhere!

Heart rain


Foto – Casar é um Barato

Nylon and golden papers bring a beautiful effect to the decor! The more hearts, the better! You can use them to separate rooms, in hallways or even hanging on the wall behind a table. The effect is incredible!



Photo – Milton B. Sauer

Do not want to use hearts, choose the stars that are the face of the new year! You can hang them on chandeliers and walls. The idea is to play with different heights of the wires. If the decoration is simpler, you can also use silver paper.



Photo – How to do at home

A good idea to take with you is golden or silver balloons. It already makes the atmosphere more festive and is super practical to carry in your suitcase – or even buy wherever you are!

Clean table


Picture – Westwing

If you want to decorate the house tables, even the center tables, use candles and even lighter Christmas balls (silver and gold ones). Ribbons are also good options for decorating vases and other objects, such as some boxes.

Bowls with chocolate


Picture – Ellinée

In addition to being delicious, it is a great idea to serve chocolates in decorated bowls. The ribbons with “Happy New Year” are also great for making the house look like New Year’s Eve, which I love!



Picture – Craftionary

Do you like a cleaner decoration? Why not try this idea? Buy marbles of the tone you prefer, place them in small candlesticks and, on top, some finer candles! You can spread them around the house and leave a more minimalist decor.



Photo – Inspire Blog

If your supper is going to be at home it’s always nice to make that beautiful table! Again candles are great options. You can put them in cups with glitter, as in the photo. Also, opt for cloth napkins, they are always more elegant. The decorated sousplat (this support for dishes) are incredible to give up on the dishes, however simple it may be.
I love New Year’s parties and I’m already preparing the details of mine! And you?

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