Decorating the wall

Decorating the wall

When we think about decorating the wall, several questions arise: How should I combine the pictures? What is the ideal size? Can I mix colors?
There is nothing better than testing the composition on the floor before setting on the wall. Another diva is to mark the size of the pictures with adhesive tapes so you can better visualize your idea.
The truth is that there is no rule, but I have separated 4 tips that can help you when mixing your pictures, posters and photographs.

Simple frame

frames-in-decoration-dani-noce-1 Foto 1 – Pinterest / Foto 2 – Apartamento Terapia / Foto 3 – About Epic

When you choose standard frames, with the same color and shape, it’s super simple to make a harmonious composition. If you are afraid to take risks and dare, choose neutral frames that do not attract attention.

Vintage Touch

frames-in-decoration-dani-noce-2 Photo 1 – Lewis Moten / Photo 2 – Lingerie with top drawer / Photo 3 – SF Girl By Bay

If your house has a more retro style, nothing better than reflecting it on the walls. Old frames, black and white photos or mirrors are very interesting options for the environment. Another cool tip is to mix empty frames on the wall – it gives a more modern touch to vintage.


frames-in-decoration-dani-noce-3 Photo 1 – Hub Pages / Photo 3 – Fear of Haste / Photo 3 – Trendeser

Mix! The illustrations make the environment fun and there is no rule. You can use similar illustrations (photo 1) or mix with posters and signs (photo 2). As the idea is to make the house cooler, don’t worry about the colors!


frames-in-decoration-dani-noce-4 Photo 1 – Whapin / Photo 2 – Harper’s Bazaar / Photo 3 – The 36th Avenue

Screens, photographs and pictures that reflect your personality make the house much cooler. Try to work with similar, complementary or neutral tones! The coolest thing about decorating your home is to define styles and print your tastes in every corner. At gallery walls help you build a space with your face!
Don’t know where to find pictures, photos and posters? Here are 5 suggestions for incredible e-commerces for you to find pieces for your home!

  1. Valentina’s house | R $ 150.00
  2. Oppa | R $ 143.00
  3. Mobly | R $ 23.99
  4. Collector 55 | R $ 289.00
  5. Spring Car | R $ 111.60

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