Decoration for Halloween: simple tips!

Decoration for Halloween: simple tips!

If there’s one thing I love, it’s party! When it is themed it is even cooler to make an incredible decoration!
It is already the middle of October and the Halloween parties are going on. If you are going to do some in your home or help a friend decorate the house, use these tips:

Ghost lights


Picture – Craft River

Plastic balls, permanent pen, old cloth and Christmas lights! Who would have thought that you could make lighting so cool with these 4 items? I’ve been dying to have a Halloween party at home and try it out!

“Blood” candles


Photo – Home Edition

A very simple idea that makes the environment much more personalized. White candles with splashes of red candle wax … A super basic idea that can be used in all rooms of the house. In addition, indirect lights and candles make the decor look much darker!

Drink in syringe


Photo – Mark Addison

Juices, drinks, drinks … Whatever the liquid, serve in small syringes. This adds a special touch!

Pumpkin with drinks


Picture – Martha Stwart

If you don’t have skills with super complex designs on the pumpkin, how about cutting off the top, fitting a round bowl and placing the ices with the drink? It’s super simple and you can even use the flesh to make an incredible candy (I’ve already taught you a delicious recipe here)!

Creative packs


Photo – A small project

Trick or treat? Even when it’s time to separate the sweets for the kids from the condo to do something cool! Use orange paper to wrap the candies and close with green adhesive tape (as if it were the pumpkin stem)!

Ice hand


Photo – Real Simples

Even the ice can have a special touch! Use a plastic glove as a shape – put water in the glove and take it to the freezer! Then just throw in your drink (if it’s red it’s even cooler).
See how easy it is to make the decor more special with these tips?

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