Deep Cleansing: Facial Scrubs

Deep Cleansing: Facial Scrubs

Are you also one of those who thinks that a Spa Day at home is extremely relaxing? At least once a week I like to take that pre or post-bath moment to take more care of the skin and rest.
In addition to facial masks, which I have been addicted to in the last few months, there is another little product that is never lacking in these skin care days: the scrub.

Deep Cleansing: Facial Scrubs

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The product needs to be used with caution, after all, it can even irritate the skin. Once a week is the frequency indicated, but it is clear that each skin has its peculiarities and it is worth consulting a dermatologist especially if you are more sensitive.
However, I decided to make this post to talk about a very important issue that involves this product: the plastic microspheres. Well, just as glitter is very harmful to the environment, some cosmetics and even personal care products, such as toothpaste, often have these tiny plastic particles in the composition and end up contaminating the oceans.
Because they are very small, they are not filtered and end up damaging marine life and, consequently, the entire food chain is affected and may even stop on your plate.

Deep Cleansing: Facial Scrubs

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Horrible, right? However, you do not need to exclude this type of product from your routine, but it is worth paying attention to the components that are always in the packaging. If you find names like polyethylene (polyethylene), Polypropylene (polypropylene), polyethylene tereflalate (polyethylene tereflalate), polymethylmethacrylate (polymethylmethacrylate) and nylon (nylon) you better let it go.
Currently, it is possible to find scrubs that have seeds and even algae and grains in the composition. The result is a natural and less aggressive product for both the skin and the environment.


Of course, after talking about it, I would not fail to put tips of products without microplastic in the composition. I made a list of 10 products and you will surely find one that suits your skin well ?
Deep Cleansing: Facial Scrubs
1- Exfoliating Facial Liquid Soap Oily Skin Natural Organic Vegan from Captive Nature | R $ 39.90
2- Secret Exfoliating Gel in Made in Brazil dressing room at Sephora | R $ 54.00
3- Seaweed Facial Scrub from The Body Shop | R $ 54.00
4- Anna Pegova 3 in 1 Facial Scrub | R $ 87.00
5- Natura’s Chronos Antiseptic Scrub | R $ 49.80
6- Caudalíe Deep Cleaning Exfoliator at Sephora | R $ 139.00
7- Clean and Soft Exfoliating Tea Tree from The Body Shop | R $ 54.00
8- Glory by Nature Açaí and Cupuaçu Organic Facial Exfoliating Liquid Soap at Use Orgânico | R $ 63.00
9- Facial Scrub Soap Crystals from the Art of Aromas at Mimo Shop | R $ 29.80
10- Lush’s self-preserving sea salt | R $ 77.00
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