Deficiency symptoms How to recognize a vitamin deficiency

Deficiency symptoms How to recognize a vitamin deficiency

Vitamin deficiency is a phenomenon that preoccupies many people because they wonder whether their body is getting enough of all the nutrients or not. And the symptoms for it aren’t that difficult to spot either.

Not only in winter do many people feel tired and exhausted. This quickly raises the question of whether the body is perhaps suffering from a vitamin deficiency. If certain foods are avoided because of a certain diet, the risk of deficiency symptoms increases. However, the body also shows other symptoms of the vitamin deficiency – and these should definitely be considered. Many of them show up externally, for example on the skin or hairHowever, with some deficiency symptoms the body reacts with complaints that you could misinterpret and therefore you should listen carefully to your inner voice.

8 symptoms of vitamin deficiency

1. Dandruff indicate that your body is deficient in fatty acids. You should react and eat more fish. Twice to three times a week are ideal, because otherwise fish also contains many important and healthy nutrients that your body needs for this deficiency symptom.

2. Dull and dull hair are a horror, especially for women with long hair. Indeed the body wants to express that it needs more vitamin B. and you should pay more attention to it in your diet. For example, spinach and asparagus contain a lot of vitamin B.

3. Torn corners of the mouth are often the result of dry skin in winter, but the body wants to deal with this symptom draw attention to the lack of vitamin B12. This is found in red meat and poultry, for example.

Nutritional deficiency

Nutritional deficiency
These symptoms will tell you if you have a nutritional deficiency!

What are the nutritional deficiencies? How do you recognize it and how do you deal with it? We’ll show you the 5 most common nutritional deficiencies and how you can fix them!

4. Gray hair? Who wants that? The body protests against them Copper deficiency. This vitamin deficiency can be counteracted with mushrooms and oysters.

5. Dry and sagging skin – a Signs of a lack of vitamin A and zinc. Melon and poultry are then more often on the menu.

6th You envy any animal that can hibernate because you are chronically tired? Your body probably just lacks vitamin D. – the sun vitamin. But fish also contains a lot of this important vitamin and can compensate for the deficiency symptoms.

7th Everyone small bump gives you a bruise? Vitamin C deficiency may be the cause. Then you should have more citrus fruits on your menu.

8th. A deficit at Magnesium around calcium leads to deficiency symptoms such as muscle pain. Don’t panic, bananas or avocados have a lot of them and will help you to make up for the vitamin deficiency.

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